Why is that bird in the logo?

KCBY Consulting’s logo is a stylized hieroglyph of an ibis bird.  The ibis is a reflection of our use of IBIS  in our work.  In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the ibis represented Thoth, the god of writing, scribes and wisdom!

The upper case letters “IBIS” are an acronym for Issue Based Information System.  Although it uses the same letters as IBIS, the lower case ibis is a large long-legged bird, usually found in wetlands.

There are 28 species of ibis, and a great many of them are endangered.  Here is a photo of one beautiful species, the Hadada Ibis, taken by Elsen Karstad (used with permission.)

Hadada Ibis - Nairobi Kenya

Hadada Ibis – Nairobi Kenya

One endangered species, the [Japanese or Asian] Crested Ibis at one time was found in Russia, China, Japan and Korea.  It was reduced to a wild population of only seven birds, in one small location in China, before conservation activities were started in 1981. There are now more than 500 Crested Ibis in the wild, and the population is growing annually. The species has been reintroduced to Japan.

The American White Ibis is found in the southeastern United States, on both coasts of Mexico and Central America, as far south as Columbia and Venezuela.  It is currently considered non-endangered.

The American White Ibis is known for its bravery as a hurricane approaches.  Native American folklore maintains that other birds look to the ibis for leadership.  The ibis bird uses its instinct to detect danger.  It is reportedly the last form of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane hits, giving warning that danger is imminent.  As the storm passes the ibis is the first to reappear, a sign that clear skies are approaching.

Through our use of upper case IBIS,  we hope to capture some of the ibis’ ability to foresee problems — and its optimism, to find solutions!

To help keep the ibis bird from going extinct, we support the work of Birdlife International. This organization does great work on ibis conservation.  To keep IBIS from going extinct, we recommend our training and services!  Or check out the book Help! I have to think!: An approach to working through life’s big challenges for an introduction to using IBIS for thinking and problem solving.


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