Training: critical thinking and problem solving skills

You are a new manager or leader… or you hope to be one soon.  Or you have been managing for a while and are looking for an edge to get that next promotion.

Bottom line: you want to improve your thinking and analysis skills so that you can present your ideas and argue for your position more clearly and persuasively.  Here are a couple of short courses that will help!

The Thinker

The Thinker

Introduction to Critical and Analytical Thinking using IBIS

This is the foundation course. It will introduce you to the IBIS method as a way to organize your thoughts, so that you can improve your presentation and problem solving skills. Using IBIS can give you a start on critical thinking skills.

Analyzing Writing and Speech with IBIS

In this intermediate course, you will apply the IBIS method to the thoughts of others, expressed in writing and speech. This course will give you the basic skills in a method of doing critical analysis as well as increasing your problem solving skills. You will be taking steps toward critical analysis!

 More about our critical thinking and problem solving skills training

Both courses are available via a series of short (5-15 minute) online videos that you view as your schedule permits.  There are exercises during the videos, to make sure you understand the concepts. Assignments follow the video material: these are workplace related and are reviewed by instructors (via email) who will give you personalized attention so that you can use your new skills immediately in your workplace.  Web-conferences may also be used to provide feedback, as needed.  Individual feedback on assignments has been identified by previous students as one of the best things about our training!

These short courses on using IBIS for critical thinking and problem solving skills have been designed to be completed in about a month each, with approximately 1-1.5 hours of focused time per week.  So they were created to fit easily into the busy person’s schedule.  Of course, if you want – or need – to go faster or slower, that is possible too!

All instructors are covered under non-disclosure, so you may freely use workplace issues in your assignments.  If you have a specific NDA form, please let us know before turning in any assignments, and we will be happy to sign it.

Where have our students been located?  Australia, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  If you can conduct business in English, we can work with you!

What do our students say about us? Things like this:

  • “I LOVE how IBIS organizes my thinking — literally, I feel a relief in my body and a calm in my mind after I do it.  Structure for complexity — its amazing!   Can’t wait to start using it in groups where there is social complexity mixed in with complex problems!  Thanks for your coaching and your ability to break down this info into bite-size digestible chunks (it is a huge skill!)”

    Laureen Golden - Ithaca, NY, USA
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    Want to learn these skills, but do not want to take an online video class?  Check out this site for information about the book  Help! I have to think!: An approach to working through life’s big challenges, which introduces the use of the IBIS method, with an indented text format, for thinking things through.

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