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Do you have something to think about and wish you had help thinking it through?

Is your personal or business problem something that has many complex and moving parts, or just seems difficult for you to get a handle on? Do your thoughts whirl around in your head? Are you afraid you are missing something important?

KCBY Consulting can help! Ask about our IBIS mapping services for

Thinking things through, where we work with you to clarify and organize your thoughts so that you can see what you are thinking and what needs more thought. Examples of problems others have brought to us include “Where is the best place for me to live/work for the next year?” and “How do I get started with marketing my product?” With this service you may have a single session, or multiple sessions, as needed, to get from problem clarification through problem solution.

Do you have a big meeting coming up where you will be planning, designing or problem solving?

Would you like something other than the usual meeting minutes to give to the participants when the meeting is complete? Maybe something usable as the starting point for the next meeting? Will the meeting be held via web-conferencing and you would like people to concentrate on the discussion?

KCBY Consulting can help! Ask about our IBIS mapping services for

Capturing the content of your meeting in an IBIS map structure for information organization and reuse.  Meeting may be face-to-face or online web conference, as your situation requires. With this service, you conduct your meeting as usual, with the option for content capture to take place inside or outside of participant view.  Results may be provided in graphical and/or outline form, as desired.

  • “It is stunning how the maps make it possible to think through things.”
    Rich Luker - Founder/Principal, The Luker Company
  • Does your big meeting have more complexity, or maybe more personalities, than you want to handle?

    Have you been talking about this same topic for a while now with no real results? Perhaps you could use some facilitation via Dialogue Mapping™*, which is based on IBIS – but don’t want to take the time to learn to do it yourself.

    KCBY Consulting can help! Ask about our IBIS mapping services for

    Facilitating your meeting using Dialogue Mapping™ *.  A good choice for meetings on complex or contentious topics.  May be used with face-to-face or online meetings, as your situation requires. With this service, we will facilitate your meeting, making sure that all participants are engaged, heard and focused on the topic at hand.  Results may be provided in graphical and/or outline form, as desired.

  • “I meant to mention that this [the map] is both über-kühl and very helpful.

    Reminded me of a scene from the 1973 movie “Day of the Jackal” when a intelligence guy spends a night mapping the confessions of a terrorist and reconstructs an assassination plot.

    Very, very interesting too the way that it brings the conversation back into clear focus.”

    J. Duncan Berry, Ph. D. - Neuromarketer and Principal, Applied Iconology

    Interested in discussing the use of our services?

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    o  Date of meeting (length and start time, if known)
    o  Number of people to be involved
    o  Brief statement describing the topic

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    * Dialogue Mapping™ is a facilitation method developed by Jeff Conklin (CogNexus Group.)

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