Offering training and services for improved critical thinking and analysis skills

to new and upcoming leaders and managers in business – and other organizations – based on the IBIS method.

IBIS Way for critical thinking and analysis skills

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Our training is designed to give you new problem solving, critical thinking and analysis skills… and to have you using your new skills in the workplace, quickly. Two short training courses are available.

1. Introduction to Critical and Analytical Thinking using IBIS. Learn to organize your thoughts so that you can improve your personal thinking and problem solving skills
2. Analyzing Writing and Speech with IBIS: Steps toward Critical Analysis.  Learn to work with the written and spoken thoughts of others, to improve your analysis and increase your problem solving skills

With our online and self-paced training, you start when you are ready, wherever you are located in the world!  You complete the learning at your preferred pace: fast, slow or in between.  And through practical assignments, we help you apply your new skills to work related activities.

While our training is ideal for new and soon to be managers and leaders, it is also appropriate for anyone in business who is seeking to improve their critical thinking and analysis skills.

For those who want to learn the IBIS thinking and analysis skills on their own, the book listed below will introduce you to these:

Help! I have to think! An approach to working through life’s big challenges

More information about the book at this site!


Our services provide for advanced use of the IBIS method to organize the content of discussion in real time and to make the elements of complex problems visible to the participants involved in solving them.

1. Thinking things through with you to assist in problem solving
2. Capturing the content of your meeting in an IBIS structure for information organization and reuse, using Issue Mapping.
3. Facilitating your meeting where complex problems will be discussed, using Dialogue Mapping™.  May be face-to-face or online as your situation requires.

More detailed information is available on the Training and Services pages.

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* Dialogue Mapping™ is a facilitation method developed by Jeff Conklin (CogNexus Group.) The training courses described on this site are jointly marketed with CogNexus Group.

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